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About Us

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Platinum Décor is a design-driven wholesaler of American Modern home furnishings and accessories, manufactured primarily in the U.S.A. and  Brazil.  The Platinum Décor collection features pieces of modern design, which incorporates curvature, color and texture.  When placed in a contemporary home, a warm and inviting environment emerges.

Today, the current trends involve the merging of classic, proven furniture-making practices with emerging technologies new materials and green manufacturing techniques.  The most interesting design aspects of the developing trends for Platinum Décor are the use of new and unusual materials and textures in combination with some features that are more familiar.

It all starts with the design.  From there, we use our extensive experience and resources to consign manufacturing in a way that will compliment the design as well as inspire our designers to further improve, refine and define the evolution of the work.

Platinum Décor is creating furniture for the way you live.